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The Journey

Hi! I am Hannah - thanks for making it here ;)

At the beginning of 2019, I got sponsored to come to Peru to research factories in Lima, after living, working and studying in the Fashion Industries of New York and Los Angeles for the past 9 years. Little did I know that trip would serendipitously lead to a whole new chapter for me and HJK. 

I arrived back in Cusco for the second time, in 2020, just 10 days before the Lockdown, planning for 3 months of travel and research, which quickly turned into 2 years. So much came together for me and HJK in the incubation that was quarantine. Trying things out, doing things in new ways, and making connections here in Cusco that meant I could grow from here. The first HJK Brick and Mortar store was opened in Nov 2020, and we haven't looked back since.  

The connection to Peru and my own work, that was taught to me by my Grandmothers in England touched me deeply: the women knitting and spinning on street corners, the beautiful natural dyes, the native materials of Baby Alpaca and Cotton, the way people here haven't lost the connection between themselves, the earth, and each other.  

I absolutely believe in the power of fashion to change people’s lives for the better. Peru holds all the keys for HJK to do things in a way that aligns with me personally: 100% biodegradable materials, bringing work to local women, and creating super special and unique pieces that will bring coziness, pleasure and delight to those who decide to bring them into their worlds. 

I learnt how to knit from my Grandmothers from age 5 and every time I pick up some needles or sketch a design I feel like I am tapping into our shared heritage and tradition the world over of how to make things with our hands. My path to Peru has certainly been a spiritual journey and I know I am here for a reason – the most clear to support and lift women up one sweater at a time. We love to make extra special pieces that you love for years to come, and KNOW it has impacted others, and the earth, in a positive way.

☺ Let me know if you have any questions at all.



Hannah x