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by Hannah Jenkinson •

Vintage Textile Market in Cusco

It is one of my favorite things to wonder around a textile market, to pour over the hours of hand-work, to marvel at the skill, color, patterns, and meaningful symbols crafted into each piece. Looking out for something special, different, with a certain quality of hand-feel, or quirky design that I have not seen before. I noticed one day that so many of these textiles were damaged - burn marks, frayed edges, weathered from years of dirt and wear. Sometimes this is what makes them all the more beautiful! I wanted to have them, and to support the ladies who sold them, but I also had no idea what I could do with beautiful pieces that did not stand up to a certain level of quality.  Like any good ideas, I don’t know exactly how the shoes came to mind, (except that I almost studied to be a shoe designer). But here they are! And I think they are super special. We sent them to a wonderful women-owned workshop in Lima who hand-crafts them into the 2 designs we have available - the Day Slide; which is incredibly comfortable and can easily double-up as a house slipper, and the Classic Slide; which is a perfect warm-weather special addition to pretty much any outfit. It has been an opportunity for me to come full-circle, to be something I always thought I would be, and to prove to myself I can do all the things that I have wanted to do. As well as to honor these extra-special textiles. To give them new life, and see them go forward into the future transformed, while also honoring their past.  I like this kind of fashion. x  We hope you do too. x  See the collection here!!