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by Hannah Jenkinson •

A Poem

How To Change Shape Stretch out a boundary Push out a line Cry out a marble Leaving more space to shine Break an enclosure Throw open the doors Unlock the shackles Dig up the floor Explore the foundations Dance in new space Uncover the history Embody new grace Dig through the garden Expose fresh old soil Sweating with pleasure Struggle and toil Throw out the garbage Throw out the ‘Good’ Light up a fire With your own fire wood The flames they will lick you With pleasure and pain And leave you in anguish To start over again They will burn down your body Burn down your self Leave you with nothing But your own inner wealth So hard they will push you So far will you fall To realize your journey To break down the wall To embody your all A space you inhabit Feeling safe and at home Until you realize It is not yours to own But made up of pieces Of other people’s mess Their old ideas Of struggle and stress Like a magpie you built A bed of fools gold and rocks And now you can see How to open the locks To set yourself free Lighter and open To make your own way Towards mountain and ocean No path ahead of you Your own steps behind Forging your way Towards what you might find Listening to animals Trees, wind and river Spirit is calling Through leaves that quiver The signs they come through Loud as the silence You know what to do As the voice becomes vibrant To follow your heart One step at a time To become more yourself To become more sublime The shape you become Will be bigger and brighter An embodiment of self But oh so much LIGHTER The flame that’s within you That burns deep inside Is always there to guide you Eternally alive And tomorrow you will get up and do it all again With a bit more love and space than yesterday With love, Hannah x