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What is HJK?

by Hannah Jenkinson |

HJK has been, and continues to be, a long and winding journey that runs parallel to my own personal life. It has been a creative outlet while feeling stifled working for other people, and a desperate bid for freedom to do things in my own way. It has been years of making and creating when sometimes I didn’t even have the time, energy or confidence to tell anyone about it. It has been a lifelong dream that has been reborn, reformulated and rethought again and again and again. I have given up and started over more times than I can recall, but this idea is still there in my heart and I pick myself up and find a way to give more to it, to find a way through to help it to grow.

It calls me to face the most difficult and painful sides of myself, and offers me a significant tool of awareness, change and transformation. I am here to learn and I am here to serve.

My wonderful Grandmothers Mary and Berdina (or Elizabeth) passed on their love of handcrafts when I was a child growing up in a small village in the north of England. They both were skilled knitters and crafters – embroidery, crochet and tapestry, which has all fed into my work along the years. I honor them and all the women who came before them, whenever I pick up my needles, not just within my lineage, but within all our lineages and shared histories. We all know the feeling of something that has been labored over with love by someone’s hands. My conviction that a business focused around handcrafts and creating beautiful, unique and special pieces can be a true force for good has remained with me and gets stronger and stronger as I find ways to make that happen.

What HJK is today has really taken shape over the last year or so, fully aligned with significant personal work and transformation. I stopped trying to fit into a world I never really felt a part of, and started to create my life, and business, around what I truly believed in and what made me feel fully alive to be a part of. It is so different to how I thought it should be when I started, but I could not have formulated it into what it is today without all the struggle that comes along with trying to find your way through the dark unknown. I still step into the unknown everyday, but I now know with absolute certainty that the world will come up to meet me there.

Thank you so much for your time, your attention and your support.

With Love,


Hannah x





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